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Aluminium Restoration


Hein & Ross Construction now offers the restoration of your old aluminium windows, doors, garage doors and balustrades.

As we all know these products lose their beautiful shine over time due to minerals leaching from the precast, painted surfaces leaching onto the frames, and rust leaching onto the frames from deteriorating building materials.  This causes the aluminium to fade, crack and peel over time.  

Our restoration system will restore your aluminium back to its original shine as well as protect it from fading, chalking, oxidation, corrosion and salt damage. 

Our system consists of two processes.  First we use our highly concentrated Aluminium Cleaning System, to remove all stains, corrosion and chalk to leave your Aluminium clean and suitable for our next system – After the Aluminium is cleaned and neutralised, we coat your Aluminium Doors & Windows with a Clear Coating that will bring the shine back and protect it for 5-10 years.

This cost effective service offering comes with a 5 year guarantee from H&R Construction.

Longest lasting 

aluminium protection

Restore aluminium to original shine

Cost Effective

UV stable won't fade, crack or peel

5 Year Guarantee


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