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We offer a comprehensive spectrum of residential services encompassing both renovation and ground-up construction. Complementary to the services we offer, we have forged strategic alliances with our associates, thereby facilitating the provision of an assorted range of supplementary services.

This augmentation to our service portfolio positions us to furnish a seamless end-to-end resolution to our esteemed clientele, irrespective of the complexities inherent in their building and / or renovation requirements.

Given that a significant proportion of our previous projects have been situated within security estates, our adept personnel are attuned to and respect the stipulated "rules and regulations" prescribed by the governing bodies. In conscientious collaboration with our clients, we meticulously oversee the entire home construction process, working towards the achievement of a successful and stress-free residential buidling experience, regardless of its scope or magnitude.

Residential Constuction


H&R Construction presents an array of commercial construction services catering to projects of varying scales, encompassing both substantial and modest endeavors. Our collaboration extends across a diverse clientele spectrum, spanning from small enterprises to major corporations, wherein we strive to fashion functional work environments conducive to business operations.

Elevate your enterprise by embracing contemporary design paradigms and astute technological innovations.

Our recent portfolio boasts an eclectic assortment of undertakings, encompassing establishments such as restaurants, exhibition spaces, corporate offices, medical institutions, and industrial buildings.

Our established project management protocol is tailored to ensure the punctual and cost-effective realisation of your commercial construction endeavour. 

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Commercial Construction



  • Site Analysis and Feasibility Studies

  • Budget Estimation and Financial Planning


  • Project Management and Supervision

  • Value Engineering

  • Quality Control and Assurance


  • Final Inspections & Handover

  • Compliance Certificates

  • Warranty


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The Complete Package

the complete package



Our adept construction teams bring architectural visions to life with precision and craftsmanship, ensuring that every project is executed flawlessly while adhering to industry standards and regulations.


Project Management

Our seasoned project managers orchestrate every facet of your endeavor, from inception to completion, meticulously coordinating resources, schedules, and communication to guarantee the successful realisation of your vision.


Cost Estimation & Budgeting

Leveraging extensive industry experience, we meticulously assess project requirements to provide accurate cost estimates and develop comprehensive budgets, ensuring financial transparency and effective resource allocation.


Risk & Value Management

Mitigating potential pitfalls, our experts employ strategic risk management practices to safeguard project timelines and budgets, while our value management strategies enhance project outcomes by optimizing resources and maximizing value.


Contract Administration

With a keen eye for legal and regulatory nuances, we proficiently navigate contract intricacies, ensuring compliance and fair treatment for all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.


Quality Control

Our stringent quality control protocols meticulously monitor every phase of construction, guaranteeing the highest standards of workmanship and materials, and resulting in impeccable outcomes that stand the test of time.


Professional Advice & Consultation

Our team of knowledgeable consultants offers insightful guidance, leveraging their expertise to address challenges, explore innovative solutions, and provide informed recommendations that steer your project towards success.

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